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Le Domaine de Bacova 1* - Not on the beach!

Hodnocení ubytování

What we criticize the quality of the sleep-bed jangled at every turn noisy squeaks. - Bathroom with toilet together, so when lit up with lights and tripped fan that was incredibly noisy, so at night without a light on the toilet, and if you do not wake partner. - In the villas and not in the studio at night you can not open the window because the resort is located roads and everything is really quite hear, and through the closed window :-( But despite these shortcomings here that Mr. Henry certainly Remedy:-) Our studio Hugo was comfortable, nicely set up, cleaned every day .... clean beach towels etc. However, we lacked a washing machine there, which of course villas located, otherwise studio was perfectly decorated.

Hodnocení stravy

without but no problem visit the local restaurants

Hodnocení hotelu, pláže, okolí

resort is located cca.50m from the local beach, across a busy road and not a very nice beach. But with the car or local bus could perfectly travel around the island and lots of local buses drove directly to the most beautiful beaches on the island.

Hodnocení personálu hotelu

Big thank you to Ms. Danisha , we have been instrumental in all directions and thank womans for cleaning our studio.

Celkový dojem, přístup personálu

We enjoyed a wonderful stay, local people are very helpful and will give your holiday a feeling that you are truly in paradise. We like to return one day again in this beautiful country. Wifi was in the form of fee charging via a rechargeable card for yourself can recommend a 1000MB for 300 rupees, which lasted us cca.14 days and we did not have to be limited. Unfortunately, it can not be simultaneously connected to multiple devices, so when one logs off, so the species can log in to the same account.

Další recenze hotelu

Pro tento hotel, nemáme žádnou další recenzi.Buďte první, kdo nějakou přidá.?